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1. Leadership

Good leadership is essential for the effective operation of any organisation. Good leadership begins with defining the organisation's expectations (purpose, values, goals and policies) and engaging with stakeholders to align with their expectations. Leaders should identify their business risks. The leadership should combine this information to develop a strategy describing what they believe the future will look like and how the organisation will respond. Leaders are responsible for defining the main business processes for the organisation to guide the behaviour of personnel. Leaders must also demonstrate their commitment to continual improvement through practical leadership and "walk the talk".

The sub-processes are listed below:

1.1. Purpose and Values
1.2. Goals
1.3. Policy
1.4. Business Risks
1.5. Stakeholder Engagement
1.6. Strategy
1.7. Business Processes
1.8. Accountabilities
1.9. Management Commitment

Leadership explained by Rima Sebayang from DNV GL Indonesia