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DNV has launched MyISRS , a new digital self-assessment tool based on its world-leading management system ISRS TM  (International Sustainability Rating System).  This new service allows organizations to run an online independent high-level survey in order to self-assess the quality and maturity of their business processes and practices across multiple sites.


MyISRS delivers an assessment of any organization’s safety and sustainability performance, using a set of digital surveys which can be completed in a couple of hours to help quickly and effectively identify their practices’ critical strengths and weaknesses.  


MyISRS builds on ISRSTM 's 40 years of accumulated best practice experience in safety and sustainability management for global companies in various sectors, while bringing a new approach to traditional sustainability assessments. Around 160 survey questions, derived from the 15 business processes in the ISRS management system framework, provide organizations with an overview of their business processes over multiple areas – including process safety, asset integrity, occupational health, occupational safety, environmental, quality, security, knowledge, energy, and social responsibility.  

By allowing comparisons and benchmarking against historical scores, other companies, and market trends, MyISRS notably allows organizations to take regular snapshots, which helps swiftly identify degradation in business practices and demonstrate continuous and seamless management control. More than just a complementary approach to ISRS, these periodic self-checks inform decision-makers in due time and allow remedial measures to promptly counteract negative trends. 

We are currently running an introductory offer with a 50% discount on the total fee. To avail this offer, or for further information, click here.