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All companies have a management system but many struggle to get their management system implemented effectively. ISRS can help.

A management system is a framework of controls to manage key processes, organisational risks and drive continual improvement. The management system is important to the operation of every business because it guides the behaviour of personnel in the organisation. The management system is the management team’s main tool for ensuring safe and sustainable operations. The challenge facing organisations is “How can we get our management system to work more effectively?”

What our clients say...
“We have used ISRS as the backbone to our entire safety management system. Think of ISRS as the DNA to our processes.”
General Manager, Sembawang Shipyard.

“Put simply, the ISRS system is a tool which helps us establish, develop, and improve our management systems to achieve our SHEQ objectives and to have a benchmark with world-class international oil and gas companies.”
President and CEO, Badak LNG

“Through measurements carried out using ISRS we can show politicians, regulators and stakeholders that we're continuing to improve”
Vice President of BHP Petroleum

“When you operate in 200 countries having a common standard is the only thing that you can rely on. The only way we could do this was using a protocol. We used the protocol as a leadership model. We used it to drive engagement.”
Global HSE and Wellbeing Director, Vodafone