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ISRS Assessor Course

This course provides participants with the knowledge to conduct an ISRS assessment.

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ISRS Assessor is a mandatory course for individuals who wish to conduct an ISRS assessment. ISRS has a unique structure and quantified scoring methodology and requires specific assessment training. The course provides an overview of the 742 questions in the ISRS workbook and gives participants an opportunity to practice scoring the questions to reach the required standard of consistency. The course also explains the assessment process, how to plan and scope an assessment, behaviour during the assessment and reporting using the ISRS Summit assessment software.

Participants practice scoring questions using anonymous real life case study evidence. Scores are then discussed in the group and compared against the model answer in order to practice consistent scoring.

The ISRS Assessor course is available for the ISRS 7th Edition, ISRS 8th Edition and ISRS 9th Edition.

Learning objective
On completion of ISRS Assessor the participant will have:

  • The knowledge to conduct an ISRS assessment
  • Knowledge of ISRS structure, scoring and methodology
  • Good overview of the questions in ISRS
  • Practiced scoring questions to the required standard of consistency
  • Understand the behaviour required of an effective assessor.

Completion of the Modern Safety Management course.

Client participants must have a valid ISRS license agreement for their organisation.

Course programme 

ISRS 8th Edition Assessor Course 

Scheduled Training

ISRS9 Assessor